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[I’m just about to head into the bath, but I’d love to chat when I get back.]


oh my god FINALLY

I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST DREAM DRAGON for my angel baby oc Eikaea.

ahahhahahahjdshjfsdg it only took me like 4 months



Some (derpy) Journey sketches. Could have drawn more but my hands are really tired =u=”

((Oh god, so adorable!!))


As done as it’s gonna get :v

[It really is busy work planning a wedding and all. So how is everyone? What’d I miss~?]

[It really is busy work planning a wedding and all. So how is everyone? What’d I miss~?]

obliviousroadie said: the gay qt is back and he is out to SPOOK


[Well, I’m not gay, and I’m not a ghost, but I am cute~]

((When u have asks in your inbox that are probably so old that you’re too afraid to reply to them…..))


WIPs galore

((Oh, no he’s not related to Coc actually! Though he probably looks like he could be ahaha~

I surprisingly don’t have many mythological or supernatural creature characters so I wanted to make a vampire or a demon. and then charlot happened. He pretty much goes by general lore, except that he goes along with the lore of incubi that says that an incubus and a succubus are the same demon. Like say, the succubus takes seed from men and then she turns into an incubus and does the whole incubus thing, yaknow. And it’s a cycle that goes on and on. And so that’s true for Charlot too, which is why he’s got this little inbetween male and female form that’s sort of his default.

I don’t have much of a universe for him tho.))

((Hi friends!! I don’t normally post stuff that’s irrelevant to this blog here but I figured I’d mention it since it’s sorta kinda rp related- 

I made an ask/art blog for a new oc of mine, Charlot. And if anyone would like to interact with him/check out where I’ve somewhat run off to, the blog is here: ( x )

Warning! the blog is a little nsfw as he is an incubus character, but yea. I’m right in the middle of developing him really, and I figured I’d boost him here too.  ))